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Where to use?

Origo Gift Card provides an opportunity to shop in the shops and at the service providers of Origo Shopping Centre:

Origo Gift Card is not accepted for payment at the information desk, bank branches, leasing companies, currency exchange points, parcel machines, pawnshops, quick loan companies, the post office (Latvijas pasts), GYM!, Europark car park, Service Centre (Servisu centrs), Hesburger, IQOS, Washbox.

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How to buy?

At the Origo information desk

  • Gift cards can be purchased by both individuals and legal entities who have reached the age of 15

  • For legal entities, company details are provided in the purchase document.

  • You can pay in cash or with a payment card.

  • One-day limit for purchasing gift cards per person is EUR 400.00.

If you need a gift card urgently, please purchase it at the T/c Origo info center.
Information center opening hours

In the e-store

  • Gift cards can be purchased by both individuals and legal entities who have reached the age of 15

  • It is possible to pay with VISA and MASTERCARD payment cards, Swedbank, Luminor, Citadele and SEB banklink or invoice transfer.

  • For individuals, the one-day limit for purchasing gift cards per person is EUR 400.00, for legal entities there is no limit.

  • The recipient of the order must correspond to the person indicated in the power of attorney and must be at least 15 years old. The recipient will have to present an identity document when receiving the order.

Please note that incoming orders are only processed on business days.


  • What is the Origo Gift Card?

    It is an electronic non-cash payment instrument which can be used to pay for goods and services in Origo Shopping Centre within the period of validity of the electronic gift card. The value of the gift card is chosen by the person who buys it, and the value can be any amount between EUR 10.00 and EUR 150.00. Origo Gift Card can be used together with other payment means – payment card or cash.

  • Where can I buy Origo Gift Cards?
  • Where can I use the Origo Gift Card?
  • Is it necessary to apply beforehand for the purchase of the Origo Gift Card?

    An Origo Gift Card that is bought from the information desk of the shopping centre is made on the spot and it is not necessary to apply for it beforehand.

  • Are Origo Gift Cards delivered to the buyer?

    If you make an order in the Origo Gift Card e-shop, yo can indicate an address in Latvia to which the order should be delivered.

  • How long is the Origo Gift Card valid?

    The electronic gift card is valid for 6 months. The expiration date of the gift card is shown on the card and it is valid for purchases until the last day (inclusive) of the indicated month.

  • Do I have to pay for the purchase and use of the Origo Gift Card?

    The making and loading of the Origo Gift Card is free of charge. The buyer of the gift card pays only the sum that will be loaded into the Origo Gift Card. During the period of validity of the Origo Gift Card there is no fee for the use of the card, and there is no commission for purchases made with the gift card.

  • Is it possible to spend the Origo Gift Card on more than one purchase?

    Yes, it is possible to spend the Origo Gift Card on several purchases within the limit of the nominal value of the card. These purchases can be made in different points of sale in Origo Shopping Centre.

  • Can the Origo Gift Card be used for shopping in RIMI supermarket located in Origo Shopping Centre?

    Yes, the the Origo Gift Card can be used in RIMI Hyper located in Origo Shopping Centre.

  • Is it possible to extend an expired Origo Gift Card?

    Yes, for one year after the indicated expiry date you can extend an expired Origo Gift Card provided that the balance is at least EUR 5.00. To extend the card, the user must present the Gift Card to the information desk of Origo Shopping Centre. A new card will be made, and the balance of the expired gift card will be transferred to the new one. The new card will be valid for 6 months. We encourage you to timely extend the Gift Card, because after the expiry of the Gift Card, a commission fee will be charged at the end of each subsequent month for the maintenance of the Gift Card account.

  • Is it possible to buy a special Origo Gift Card folder with the card?

    Yes, both at the information desk and in the Origo Gift Card e-store it is also possible to buy special gift card envelopes or boxes for holding the Gift Card. Your gift will be ready for presenting.

  • Does the Gift Card have a PIN code?

    Origo Gift Cards have a PIN code, and it is 1234 for all Gift Cards. The code must be entered in the terminals of points of sale, if such method of confirmation is required. The shop staff are also informed about the PIN code.

  • Where and how can I check the balance of the gift card?

    The balance of the Gift Card can be checked free of charge:

    • on Origo website under the “Gift Card” section,  
    • by presenting the gift card at the information desk of Origo Shopping Centre.
  • What happens if the Origo Gift Card is lost?

    If the Card is lost, you can block it by calling 67222 555 (you will need to tell your name, surname, contact details, Card number (or the part of it that is shown on the receipt confirming the purchase of the Card), and also by submitting a written notification within the shortest possible time to the Origo information desk. You can request replacement of a lost card (by presenting the card purchase receipt), and the new card will have the same balance as the lost one after the request for blocking of that card. We are not responsible for transactions made using the card before it is blocked.

  • What to do if the Origo Gift Card is damaged?

    A damaged (broken, demagnetized, folded etc.) Gift Card can be replaced by transferring the remaining balance to a new Gift Card. To replace a damaged Gift Card, you must visit the information desk of Origo Shopping Centre, fill in an application form, and attach the damaged card. Replacement of a damaged card is a paid service.

  • How secure is the gift card system?

    A lot of attention is paid to the security of the Origo Gift Cards payment system. All information about account balances is kept in a secure, sophisticated and protected environment.

  • Who issues and distributes Origo Gift Cards?

    Transact Pro SIA – the issuer of Origo Gift Cards – is registered by the Finance and Capital Market Commission of the Republic of Latvia, which supervises the operation of issuers of electronic money. The issuing of Origo Gift Cards (electronic money) is ensured in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money of the Republic of Latvia. Linstow SIA is the distributor of Origo Gift Cards on the basis of a cooperation agreement with the issuer, as well as approval by the Finance and Capital Market Commission.